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We help you bring the deer in to your property

Turn your land into the best habitat in the neighborhood so big bucks will make it their core area.



We help you bring the deer in to your property

As licensed herbicide applicators we can get rid of invasive plants in your forest and food.


Quality Forestry and Wildlife Consulting for Forest Landowners in Pennsylvania (PA) | Expert Consultants on Hunting Real Estate and Wildlife Habitat Design in PA

Welcome to Stephen A. Chilcote Land & Timber Consulting.
This is where you’ll get expert advice from land forestry and wildlife consultants on forestry and habitat management, hunting, timberland real estate investments and wildlife habitat design in Pennsylvania (PA).

SAC Land & Timber Consulting has specialized in full-service forestry and wildlife habitat design and consulting since 1990 and has served as consultants for a long list of satisfied forestry and wildlife businesses and landowners in PA.

Forestry management and habitat design in PA can be a daunting task especially for wooded real estate owners who are busy and cannot devote ample time to their land. That’s why as your private consultants, SAC Land & Timber wants to make it easy for you to manage your real estate and make it a productive wildlife habitat and hunting area during hunting season.

SAC consultants offer complete forestry and wildlife habitat design and restoration services that will help convert your mismanaged timberland in PA into a productive and enhanced hunting and wildlife area. Our expert consultants can design both a short-term and long-term plan to revitalize your real estate property and give it healthier stands of timber, varied wildlife resources, and make it a better real estate investment with great economic returns.

Other services offered include:

  • Total forestry and habitat improvement services
    • Timber sale administration
    • Food plot installation
    • Timber Stand Improvement
    • Planting forage
    • Warms season grass and wildlife mast trees and shrubs
    • Forestry herbicide applications
    • Real Estate advising and sale for hunting and investment properties

Proper forestry and wildlife habitat management is necessary to make your land a valuable property. Call us today and get our FREE, NO-Obligation consultation service for your forestry and wildlife goals. Together we’ll work out a plan on how to turn your property into a nourished and productive real estate.

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  • Timber Sale Administration

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  • Deer Food and Cover Creation – Food Plots and Bedding Areas

  • Deer population analysis and harvest recommendations

  • TSI – Timber Stand Improvement and Forest Regeneration, Including Invasive Species Control

  • Expert Witness

  • Timber Cruising for Investment Analysis and Real Estate Appraisals


With an education in Wildlife Management and a Master's in Forest Resources specializing in Northern Hardwoods Silviculture, and having worked on thousands of acres of sustained yield timber management and wildlife habitat improvement projects, Stephen Chilcote is the smart choice if you're thinking of hiring a forester and wildlife consultant.

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Your Questions. ANSWERED.

The most important thing a Forester does for a landowner is to mark the timber sale according to the landowner’s goals for the sale and to tally up all the species, volumes and quality of the trees marked. Then we take on the task of selling the timber for the best possible price to a buyer who will do a good job of harvesting. Your Forester will get your money and make sure the job is done according to environmental regulations and good forestry practices. Good salesmanship and good relationships with the best timber buyers are qualities that we bring into a timber sale. I’ve learned to avoid certain situations, learned to work with regulatory agencies and buyers to see that the whole thing goes smoothly. Every harvest has its own set of challenges. When Mr. Murphy shows up, a good Forester is a valuable asset. I go back to the court analogy. You can go into court without a lawyer but wouldn’t you be better off with an attorney who knows the system, has worked with the judge and the other side’s attorney before?
You can hire me to do a quick walk-through to see if a timber harvest is feasible, but I could not give a close price estimate. First of all, I have to mark and measure the trees to be sold according to your goals for the property. Then, it is only worth what a buyer is ready to write you a check for. The market is often variable. Offers vary widely depending on how bad the buyer is in need of your particular trees. There are other variables as well, such as difficulty of the harvesting operation, road issues, time of year, distance to the mill or yard. The amount that a mill will pay depends on the deal they have with the buyer of the boards they make. Supply/demand. Up and down.

One thing I can tell you for sure is that good quality logs are always in demand. That’s why you need need a professional to help grow good logs.

Maybe. Probably not. It depends on the quality of the timber. If it is a lot of junk, you are OK but if it is high quality, you are paying the logger far more than a mill would to cut it. Also, how do know how much timber you have? How many loads went to this mill and how many to that mill. How much did he get for the logs? As you can see it can get pretty complicated. Always use a Forester.

By the way, I am not anti-mill or anti-logger. I’m just tellin’ it like it is.

No you won’t. If I mark a very good stand of oak properly, including regeneration work and TSI, I can go back into the stand every 30 years to get the same volume and quality. Almost all harvesting done without professional help is some form of high-grade. They call it “select cut” but what they did was “select” every tree that had any value and left the junk to take up the growing space.

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Whether your a landowner looking to sell some timber or a hunter needing advice on planting food plots, visit our FAQ page. You just might find the answer you’re looking for!