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Growing up in Allentown, PA I spent most of my childhood free time in the little bit of woods near my home. It was here I developed my interest in the forest and in the wildlife that lived there. I caught wild animals and kept them as pets, read about and observed them and hunted when I became old enough. Hunting wild game became a passion. Most of my best memories were made in persuit of game.

I did a lot of hunting and fishing back then and dreamed of hunting in exotic places. Based on my love of the outdoors, I studied wildlife management, forestry and agriculture in college and developed a hunting and outdoor lifestyle. I have hunted all over North America with backpack, bow or rifle in hand and had many adventures.

My wildlife research included ptarmigan re-introduction habitat work in Montana and Colorado and deer research here in Pennsylvania.

When I was 39, I was invited to do forestry research and study for a Master of Forest Resources degree at Penn State. I am fortunate enough to have received a Masters from one of the best forestry schools in the country.

Since 1996, I have been working with private landowners as well as State forestry agencies on their forestry and wildlife habitat projects throughout Pennsylvania, New York and Maryland. I am also a Realtor, landman and land investment consultant. I have worked on many thousands of acres of forest land over the past 25 years.

I have continued educational pursuits at Penn State, having recently receiving a graduate certificate in Geographic Information Systems and with the QDMA, having earned their Deer Steward credential and continue to learn from interactions with the world’s most popular game animal – the whitetailed deer. I also continue to learn from hands-on experience in forestry. Every timber sale, harvest, habitat installation and herbicide job is a little different and all have their lessons.

The bottom line is that it is a rarity to come across businesses such as mine with the depth of experience and education that I offer.

Stephen A. Chilcote, Owner

Stephen A. Chilcote
Stephen A. ChilcoteOwner & Operator
The purpose of my business is to care for the land and the fruits it bears that were provided by the Creator and to help others to realize the goals they have for their private property.
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