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Wildlife habitat manager and consulting forester from Central PA. Studied environmental Agriculture specializing in wildlife management and Forestry. B.S. Agriculture, Masters degree in Forestry. 30 years experience in land investment, forestry and wildlife habitat improvement. Currently working as a Farm Bill Forester for Pheasants Forever on Game Commission and Golden Winged Warbler Initiative.

Organic Matter in Soil

This article is copied from Graeme Sait's blog. The title is Humus Saves the World. In it, there is a great list of the benefits of healthy soil with a proper organic matter content.

The Importance of Soil Organic Matter

This article is taken from Graeme Sait's blog.  In it, he lists the benefits of healthy soil organic matter content. Humus Saves the World 29 APRIL 2013 on Biological Agriculture, nutrition farming, planetary health, sustainable agricultureFollowing my recent address to a crowd of climate change activists on the steps of City Hall in LA, I was flooded with urgent

What to do When Summer Food Plots Fail

Food Plots Fail We've all been there.  We put in a lot of effort preparing the soil, spend a lot of money on seed and soil amendments, plant our seeds and...nothing, your food plots fail.  The lush plot full of nutritious forage you envisioned looks like a patch of weeds and bare dirt.  When it

Summer Food Plots

When to Plant Summer Food Plots When planting summer food plots, I like to get them in early since we will want the plants to mature as soon as possible in the late summer.  As soon as the soil temperature beneath the surface reaches into the 60s, its time to get seeds into the ground.

VPA-HIP, GWWA, EQUIP – Farm Bill Programs for Wildlife Habitat and Forestry

The Farm Bill is a giant comprehensive federal government expenditure that funds a lot of programs including farm subsidies and food stamps.  One of the broad categories is Conservation.  This category funds soil protection, forestry and wildlife habitat through landscape level initiatives that address protection of major watersheds, as well as programs for individual landowners

How to Get Rid of Thistles in Your Food Plots

A six-foot tall thistle plant with lots of nasty spikes. The inner stem is edible if you want to hack off all the outer leaves   A Spear Thistle, Native to America I got a phone call from a client that hired me to clear stones and plant some food plots