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Forest management planning and estate planning;

Winter TSI Cutting

Here in Pennsylvania, we're having one of the coldest winters I can remember.  Cabin fever, colds and miserable weather seems to be the order of the day. If you find yourself on a rare sunny weekend with some energy and you want to get out and do something, TSI or Timber Stand Improvement may be

Creating Great Habitat

In order to create a deer bedding habitat we follow a standard procedure of choose an area, spray, thin fence, plant and maintain. This unit is about 27 acres with a ridgetop on the South side, a steep bank and creek to the East and thick pine regeneration on the North and West sides. The

Timber Stand Improvement for Wildlife and Timber Growth

When timber in the Northern Hardwoods forest type (Cherry, maple, beech, birch) are harvested or otherwise stressed, the beech trees send up thousands of root suckers to gather more sunlight. This brush can take over the entire understory, leaving no light for desirable growth. Beech are shade tolerant while more valuable species such

Timber Managment for Deer Habitat

I was just talking to one of my clients about ordering seeds and getting some soil testing done to get ready for planting.  We will be replanting some food plots that have been overtaken with grass and bullthistle.  I could not help thinking that, even though we have planted some nice plots, and there are