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What to Plant for Deer Food Plots – Double Cropping Spring/Winter Forage Cocktails

Cover Crop Cocktails for Year Round Food Plots Just as hard liquor is better when mixed, cover crop seed is better when combined into a diverse mixture of plants that benefit the soil and the wildlife and maximize the biomass being produced about ground as well as the biomass of bacteria and fungi below ground.

Early Spring Habitat Management Activities

Ok, so its early spring and still cold here in Pennsylvania. You have already done your frost seeding, right? Frosty nights and snow are over and we are in for some rainy weather this time of year in our part of the country. Clover is starting to green up as are cool season grains. Now,

Deer Bedding Sites – Winter

Preferred Bedding Preference of Whitetail Deer A lot has been written and discussed lately about deer bedding areas. Some even claim to have the secret method to making a buck bed in a particular place. I don't know about that – all I know is what I00% of the time, when I pick up where