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Here in Pennsylvania, we have lots of rocks in our soil. Where folks generally want their food plots installed is usually on mountain ground. Recently, I installed a couple of plots that were more stone than dirt. We can’t grow much forage on stones and we certianly don’t want to break our equipment tilling stony soil. So, we have to deal with it. Here’s how:

Cleared Strip Mine Field with Lots of Stone

This stony field cannot be worked with tillage equipment comfortably. If we want to plant, mow and till, we have to get it smoothed out so we can work it. The hunt club tried picking rock by hand but it was futile – like trying to empty a lake with a thimble. So, we had to bring out the big Rock Rake.

Rock Rake Attachment

This machine is usually used to windrow stones in agricultural fields to be picked up with a rock picker. Since the plots are narrow and small .6 acres, I tried using it to sweep the stones off to the side.

After many passes the plots started to look pretty good

6 hours of running this thing and eating dust, I was able to get a pretty good – looking food plot ready for planting.

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