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Nice Buck Taken at Clover Food Plot

This nice buck has been feeding on one of my clover plots.  Actually, it was supposed to be a warm season grass field designed to provide bedding and security cover.  But the native grass I planted could not compete with the foxtail and hairy brome that was already present in the seed bank

Sources of Funding for Habitat Improvements

One of the big stumbling blocks for landowners considering wildlife habitat enhancement projects is the cost.  Quality land improvements cost money, sometimes a lot of it.  I have often had landowners ask me to “rehab” a pasture or install a food plot only to change their minds when they see the cost estimate. 

Food Plot Development on Mountain Hunting Ground

Equipment and Tactics for Food Plot Site Preparation on Mountain Ground Here in Pennsylvania, I am often presented with the challenge of installing food plots on rough mountain ground with poor soil.  Our soils are mostly derived of limestone in the valleys, while shale and sandstone dominate the hills.  Limestone soils are very