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Wildlife habitat imporvement methods and studies

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Establishing Food Plots in the Summer for Winter Cover

Recently, the question came up from a couple of clients and information seekers about what to plant in summer food plots now that its hot and too late for clover.  Although the past couple weeks have been great for clover or just about anything you want to grow with consistent rain events and cool temps,

What to Plant for Deer Food Plots – Double Cropping Spring/Winter Forage Cocktails

Cover Crop Cocktails for Year Round Food Plots Just as hard liquor is better when mixed, cover crop seed is better when combined into a diverse mixture of plants that benefit the soil and the wildlife and maximize the biomass being produced about ground as well as the biomass of bacteria and fungi below ground.

Update on Spring Plantings and Last Year’s Habitat Work

A site visit to the NY property revealed a rare problem, that is, too much rain.  Never thought I would be complaining about too much rain, but we have fields now that are waterlogged and plants suffering from lack of air.  There is a lot of yellowing in some fields and the neighbor's corn is