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Deer Home Range During Rut

This Blog Post is Taken from the Penn State University blog post of Duane Diefenbach at Notice that deer will gravitate to a small hiding spot during deer season.  I would rather have a 50 to 100 - acre property of very good escape cover and hunt it with low impact techniques that to

Choosing a Good Hunting Property

What Makes a Good Deer Hunting Property? While looking at properties in OH recently for some investor clients, I was trying to concentrate on the oil and gas potential of the land. But, being a hunting land manager at heart, I couldn’t help thinking about the hunting potential of the properties and how I was

Sanctuary Areas

The Importance of Sanctuary Areas to Grow Big Bucks on Your Land For years I have preached the use of sanctuary zones created or already existing on my clients’ properties that exist of natural bedding areas or thickets where the woods receive little or no disturbance. This year, while hunting in New York, I had

Pennsylvania Land Brokerage

CEGLAR REALTY WHERE HONESTY, INTEGRITY AND QUALITY ARE THE FOUNDATION OF OUR BUSINESS! At Ceglar Realty we understand that  land and farm, sellers and buyers have special needs.   With our forestry and agricultural expertise, this  allowes us the opportunity to provide the extra service necessary to market or to purchase these special types of properties. 125 Eves

Land Investment Advice

by Steve Chilcote Stephen A. Chlcote Land & Timber Consulting814-360-4510schilcote1223@gmail.comI was talking with another Realtor about brokering land deals in the shale play areas of Pennylvania, New York and Ohio.  After years of working in timberland deals,  timber is now taking a back seat to gas rights.  Some farms this guy gets to sell have

Real Estate Listings

CEGLAR REALTY WHERE HONESTY, INTEGRITY AND QUALITY ARE THE FOUNDATION OF OUR BUSINESS 125 Eves Street, Port Matilda, PA 16870 ofc. Ph. 814-692-4276 : 814-360-4510 email: or Raymond A. Ceglar - Broker : Stephen A. Chilcote - Sales Associate Photos of these properties can be found on the website. Seller is

Food Plot Development on Mountain Hunting Ground

Equipment and Tactics for Food Plot Site Preparation on Mountain Ground Here in Pennsylvania, I am often presented with the challenge of installing food plots on rough mountain ground with poor soil.  Our soils are mostly derived of limestone in the valleys, while shale and sandstone dominate the hills.  Limestone soils are very