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Habitat Work Pays Off

Good Land Management = Better Deer Hunting

Consulting Services

Food Plots

We can provide high quality Whitetail deer food plots on your property and you won’t have to spend the time or lift a finger. However, if you are determined to install food plots yourself, you can benefit from my years of experience in this field and help you do it right.   If you need help deciding what to plant for deer food plots and how to design your whitetailed deer food plots my staff can help you get it done.

A Hunting Plot with Hybrid Brassica

Myself or one of my pro staff members will meet you on your land and advise you on your food plot strategy.  We will discuss food plot location, shape, forage species and maintenance.  Food plots need to be designed according to soil types, deer movements, other feed available.  They need to be the correct location, size and shape and contain the proper forage to encourage daytime sightings of deer.  Some plots are designed to provide nutrition and others are for both nutrition and hunting.  You may decide to install summer deer food plots, clover food plots, food plots with turnips and other brassicas or turkey food plots.  Maintenance of food plots with herbicide and mowing is important to increase longevity of the forage.  We will discuss a plan to maintain the plot so you will get years of service form the investment.  I will help you obtain seed, herbicide and equipment for your project.  Get advice and do it right – you’ll be glad you did!

Night Shot of Brassica Plot

Hybrid Brassica

Forest Management for Wildlife

We have created the ulitmate deer food plots on your PA hunting land, but there’s more to habitat management then food plots.  As a professional silviculturist I will provide you with advice on what should be done with your timber ground to maximize the carrying capacity of your land.  I may advise a timber sale if it is feasible and proper to achieve your goals.  I will set this up for you and get your logging done right.  Usually, we take the junk and leave the healthy trees to provide mast and seed to regenerate the understory to provide food and cover.  We may have to fence out deer for a while so we can regenerate naturally and we may want to plant trees and shrubs that provide food and cover.  Cash from timber sales can be used to finance other projects like herbicide work, fencing, planting and herbicide services.  Sometimes, we will simply take a chainsaw and go to work creating bedding cover and browse.

My company can provide all these services.  Whether you want turkeys, grouse, deer or just like to bird watch, I can provide you with advice on how to create habitat that will attract wildlife to your property.

We will create bedding areas, travel corridors and feeding areas that will attract and hold game on the property – no matter the size.

Also important is for me to take a look at browse pressure to determine whether deer are over populating the area or under maximum carrying capacity.

Government Funding for Projects

I have been able to obtain tens of thousands of dollars in funding for the wildlife and timber management projects of client lands.  State and federal funds are sporadic and working with government agents can be difficult.  My experience and reputation among the folks that hand out the grants is valuable.  We can take advantage of available funding when it is available and schedule projects accordingly.

Purchasing Hunting Land

Don’t have a good hunting property yet?  As a licensed Realtor specializing in timberland and recreational land, I can help you find a property that is well suited for hunting and and a good investment.  I have been providing consulting services and real estate services for forest landowners for decades and have made a lot of money for clients by helping them with purchases and sales of land.  By using subdivision, improving access and timber sales I work to maximize the purchasing power of my clients’ resources.  Now that Pennsylvania allows Buyer Brokerage, I can represent and advise you on your search for and purchase of your land.  As a buyer’s agent, my fiduciary responsibility lies with you as the buyer.  If you want to buy in New York, I have broker contacts there to work with.

If you have Pa Hunting Land for sale or investment timberland for sale, we can help you with your marketing efforts.  We are the best Pa land broker.

What is a land broker?  We specialize in land and do not sell houses unless they come with timberland or hunting land.  As land specialists, we can focus on the unique needs of landowners when it is time to sell,

Cost of Consultation Services

Transportation costs are so high today, I must charge for my mileage.  I charge 50 cents per mile and a dollar a mile for hauling equipment.  I charge $60 per hour for my time, which includes, map and land management plan preparation, proposals, travel, grant applications and time spent on your land.  I am not like the legal profession and won’t milk a job just to tally up billable hours.  I won’t waste your time and money but will provide very valuable services and advice.  I am not in this business to make a lot of money, believe me.  I do it because I love it and want to make a difference with the time I have on this earth.  I’d do it for free if I could but there are expenses and mouths to feed.

Realtor services are paid at time of closing and is a negotiable percentage of the sale price.

Don’t be afraid to call me and discuss your situation over the phone free of charge.  I may be able to give you some tips that will help you and if you then decide to have me come and take a look at your land or to provide you with services, we can discuss that later.

Call me anytime at 814-360-4510.  If you need a couple of references before you decide to utilize my services, please ask – I will be happy to provide them.

About the Author:

Wildlife habitat manager and consulting forester from Central PA. Studied environmental Agriculture specializing in wildlife management and Forestry. B.S. Agriculture, Masters degree in Forestry. 30 years experience in land investment, forestry and wildlife habitat improvement. Currently working as a Farm Bill Forester for Pheasants Forever on Game Commission and Golden Winged Warbler Initiative.