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Land – Forestry and Wildlife Services Overview

If you are interested in increasing the value of the timber on your land and increasing the numbers of game animals using your property, there are a number of ways a trained forester/biologist like myself can help you achieve your goals.  In my many years of experience with forestry and habitat improvement I have learned what works and what doesn’t work.  If you follow my advice, you will have more quality timber, more wildlife and increased land value.  People throw away $250 an hour for legal advice.  I only charge that for an entire day of work and give you advice that will give you more bang for your buck.  If there is work to do on your property, I can take care of that too.  I do herbicide applications, food plot installations, timber sale administration, timber stand improvement, warm season grass and wildlife shrub planting.  I never advise a timber sale unless it is warranted.  Other foresters will conduct a timber sale any time to make a commission.  If I can’t honestly say your timber should be harvested, I won’t advise it.  More often than not, private land needs timber stand improvement and wildlife habitat improvement, not high grade timber sales.

If you are waiting for the Game Commission to provide you with a good place to hunt, you’re in for a long wait.  It’s up to private land owners to improve wildlife habitat.  I can fix you up with a good place to go hunting with my land business and make all the habitat improvements after your purchase.

If you are interested in selling land, I can help you.  When you go to the doctor with a specific problem, you get referred to a specialist.  It’s the same with buying and selling land.  I am a land specialist and at Ceglar Realty, we specialize in land and only sell houses if they are sitting on a large tract.  Most real estate agents will take a land listing if they have to, throw it on the multilist system and forget it.  We provide everything  a land buyer needs to know about a property so they can make an educated purchase, and get you a good buyer for your property. 

Land Brokers, Pa – Listing Pa land with a land specialist

When you list with us, we will make a package that includes aerial photography, location maps, zoning, soils information, timber volume estimates and mark corners and property lines well enough so that potential buyers can see exactly what is for sale.  Local markets are way too small to sell large tracts of land and we utilize the internet extensively to market property.  Whether you are selling large timber land tracts or smaller tracts of  hunting land in Pennsylvania, I will help you get your land sold for fair market value and in a short period of time.

About the Author:

Wildlife habitat manager and consulting forester from Central PA. Studied environmental Agriculture specializing in wildlife management and Forestry. B.S. Agriculture, Masters degree in Forestry. 30 years experience in land investment, forestry and wildlife habitat improvement. Currently working as a Farm Bill Forester for Pheasants Forever on Game Commission and Golden Winged Warbler Initiative.