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Do you want to sell timber from your land but don’t know where to start? Have you been approached by someone to buy your timber but you are not sure you are getting a good deal? Unsure of whether you are going to get the kind of job done that you want?

As your representative in your timber sale, I take the stress out of selling timber and make sure you get a good price for you product, get a good logging job done and are in compliance with environmental laws, proper silvicultural methods and Best Management Practices. Most people sell timber once or twice in a lifetime.  I do it for a living. The cost of using a forestry consultant more than pays for itself. My job is to advise you on every step of the process.

As your forester I will represent your interest as follows:

  • Mark the timber according to your goals and good forestry practice.
  • Develop a comprehensive timber volume chart showing exactly what is for sale broken down by species, size classes and volume per tree and overall.
  • Locate corners and property lines so the prospective buyers know you own the timber and create a good map of the project for the sales presentation package.
  • Either conduct a sealed bid process or negotiate a timber sale with prospective buyers that are appropriate for your product.
  • Advise you on the contract process and get you your money.
  • Work with the logger and with regulatory agencies when appropriate to make sure you get a quality logging job done.

Most landowners call me when they need to turn their timber into cash. We can do that but you should have a Forester working with your land over time to manage your timberland for on-going productivity.  A timber stand is like a garden.  It needs to be tended to in order to be productive.

Forest Management Planning

As a state certified forest management plan writer, I can create a management plan that will give you a road map to achieve your financial, aesthetic and wildlife habitat goals that you have in mind for your property, whether you want to use it for retirement, kids education or just recreation. Cost share funding is available to help defray the cost of a plan.

Timber Cruising and Appraisal

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I appraised the timber on much of the I-99 corridor in central PA for the Eminent Domain takings. It was important to me to make sure the landowners received the correct value for their timber assets.

Real estate investors use my timber appraisals for making purchase decisions and for arranging financing. If you are considering selling your property, I can appraise your timber to arrive at a correct asking price. Good volume and a value estimation is an extremely valuable sales tool and should be a part of any real estate valuation and sales package.

Anyone purchasing a tract of timberland should immediately have a timber cruise and value estimate done. Timber is treated as a commodity for tax purposes and should be separated from the land value at the time of purchase. Tax law allows for depletion deductions, saving you money at the time of a timber sale. Even if you do not plan on harvesting timber in the near future, it is important to have this done for when you do want to harvest.

Expert Witness and Trespass

If you have a problem with a takings issue or someone has cut timber on your land, I can help you in court.  I can provide testimony as to what was taken and estimate its value.