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We had Steve visit our property to tour and provide recommendations on what we can do to improve the habitat for wildlife. We walked the property and he explained what we had as far as trees and undergrowth. He also advised us on deer bedding/food plots. After the visit I had him come up twice to do some bedding work. We hinged trees and created deer beds. We also worked on some border cover and created a staging area. He really knew where to install the beds and what type of terrain the deer prefer to bed in. He also recommended we timber a small percentage of trees. He did a lot of work to sell the timber. The quantity was so small that most loggers did not want the job. He did find a logger that bought the timber at a decent price. This provides us with the funds to install two food plots. I am still working with Steve and will continue to do so until we meet our goals for the property. He is an honest and knowledgeable forester.

John Waterfall, PA April 2, 2015

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