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Just finished hunting 4 days straight. Saturday is my last day. Saw 16 doe, 4 buck on Monday. Two were shooters. One was out 60yds nose to the ground. I grunted but he kept going. The other shooter was bedded beside the big plot with a doe. Jumped them at 20 yds when I switched stands for lunch. Tuesday saw a doe and a scrub buck. Wednesday saw what used to be an 8pt but had every single point broke off. Today I was skunked. On my trailcams i got some nice bucks as well. So overall even though I haven’t killed one I saw the most deer I have ever seen. I used to see 2 or 3 deer per hunting day, now I see 15 to 20.Your work is paying off.

John M. Carlisle, PA April 2, 2015

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