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If you have a field to put them in, its good to have a stand of forage soybeans in your food plot system.  When clover is frozen out and brassicas are chewed up and buried in the snow, soybeans will become the food of choice for all deer in your area.  I have one client who always planted winter rye in his food plots.  I convinced him to try the beans.  Checking in with him during spring herbicide operations he described how a herd of approximately 50 deer parked themselves just off the field and moved in on it every day to feed.

The husk and seed pods are ideal browse for deer and will stand up to snow.  Presently, we have a crusted snow on the ground and land with nothing but clover or brassicas or even winter wheat is not a good food source.

Ideally, and I haven’t gotten anyone to try this, I would like clients to establish a good stand of beans, then broadcast t-raptor into them as the leaves are yellowing off.  The brassica will come up as the leaves dry out and you will have the ultimate cold weather food plot.

Eagle Forage Soybeans. Photo taken from the web Feb 2014. Woods.

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