The Best Way To Lime and Fertilize a Food Plot

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Any time you push out a patch of woods and install a food plot, you will surely need lime and fertilizer to grow most food plot plants.

The first tip I have is when you pick a place to put your plot, if you can, place it where you can get to it with big equipment.

It’s much cheaper and way easier to apply amendments and bring in tillage equipment if you have a good truck road to access the plots.

On this property, we located the food plots, then arranged to have a truck road installed and placed the landing where the food plot is planned, since the logger has to clear the landing anyway.

In this case, I was able to locate some chicken manure from a farmer who recently cleaned out the chicken house.  The truck belongs to a custom farm contractor who has all the equipment you can imagine for farming.  There are pro lime spreaders who only spread lime for a living.  I have a guy in central PA that is reasonable and will take his truck anywhere.

We mixed the chicken bedding/manure 50/50 by volume with ag lime and loaded the truck with 7 tons of the mix and spread it on a little less than 2 acres.  That should bring the pH up to close to neutral and provide a large amount of Nitrogen and other nutrients.

Imagine the work and money saved over spreading bagged lime and fertilizer.  There is no comparison.  It only took about a half hour to apply the amendments.

Check my Youtube channel for some video of this project

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